Send a Digital Case

Our Digital Process

We are proud to offer our dentists the time-saving option of sending your cases digitally. We accept the following types of digital software: Cerec, iTero, Trios, and Medit. View instructions below to learn how to send a digital case.


  1. Create or log in to your CEREC Connect account
  2. Select “MY CEREC CONNECT.”
  3. Type “Hancock Dental Arts” in the box for Company Name
  4. Click FIND
  5. Check the box to the bottom left for “Hancock Dental Arts.”
  6. Click ADD to complete the registration


  1. Call 800-577-8767
  2. Select Option 1
  3. Request that Hancock Dental Arts be added to your scanner. Identify our lab using our company ID: 94715
  4. After Hancock Dental Arts has been added, restart your scanner.
  5. Once you are connected to us as a lab, select Hancock Dental Arts on your scanner when sending files.


  1. In your web browser, go to
  2. Search Hancock Dental Arts to connect with Hancock Dental Arts
  3. Once you have connected to our lab, select Hancock Dental Arts when sending files


  1. Sign into the Doctor Portal and go through the usual steps for submitting a case.
  2. When it asks you to upload impressions or scans, choose “Medit” as your scanner and upload the scans from the file you created for your exported scans.
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I have worked with Lance for over a decade doing smile makeovers and have found his work to be exceptional. The margins are always spot on and virtually no occlusal adjustment is ever needed. We worked together and passed one of my AACD accreditation cases. Highly recommend Hancock Dental Arts.

Amy Hughes, DDS, AAACD
Hughes Dental

You can trust Hancock Dental Arts with your patients' smiles.

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